Sharing your faith effectively

“If they just read it for themselves, it will surely lead them to Christ”. These were the words of a teenager who desired more than anything that people would simply read the Word of God, the Bible. And so it was that The Pocket Testament League (PTL) ministry was started by this young lady, Helen Cadbury in 1893.

It is this very same vision that drives the PTL ministry to this day. Is this your desire too? To share the Word so that others may also come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour?

As Christians we’ve been given a commission: “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere …” (Mark 16:15 – NLT). This is where we, as believers, often struggle. How do we share our faith with others?

I have good news! Some time ago I was introduced to The Pocket Testament League ministry. Their website,, is packed with excellent material to help Christians reach out to the lost. Not only does it provide evangelism tools but free evangelism training. To encourage one in one’s own walk with the Lord, free daily devotionals are also made available.

The PTL ministry was exactly what I needed to help me in my walk with the Lord and evangelism. When it comes to evangelism, the most effective evangelism tool is indeed the Word of God itself!

But what is evangelism really? It is simply taking advantage of opportunities to share the Good News about Jesus with others. Telling others about Jesus!

The Pocket Testament League has shared more than 110 million Gospels over the years. The high-quality glossy-covered Gospels come in a variety of covers and themes suitable for use in a variety of situations. Small and light-weight, it fits into your pocket with ease, ready to be handed to someone at any time. The Gospel of John, which is one of the four books of the Bible that speak about the life of Christ Jesus, is the Gospel of choice as it has some unique elements that make it very suitable for evangelism.

Encouraging one-to-one opportunities to share the Good News with others is what the PTL do best. Members are encouraged to share their experiences and what a blessing it is to read these testimonies and realize afresh that God is still at work in the lives of countless people across the world. “For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword … “(Hebrews 4:12 – NLT).

So don’t delay. As we imminently await the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, let us use our time to reach out to those who need the Saviour. Why not join over 300,000 others who today share the vision of Helen Cadbury and start sharing your faith with others in a bold and effective way? Contact The Pocket Testament League today!


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